In a mixture of styles, improvisation, jazz, classical and portuguese music get together for a musical fest full of irreverence. José Valente (viola) and Manuel Maio (violin) are VALENTE MAIO, a chamber duo who plays all the music in 8 strings!


HUMAN EVOLUTION is an unprecedented musical project in the World Music movement. Starting with Jazz, HUMAN EVOLUTION merges western European music with Iberian roots and traditional Indian music. Piano, sitar, indian tabla, tenor sax, flute, the bagpipes, viola and electronic music combine in an unique resonant exploration, full of suggestions on an emotion packed voyage through the history of human evolution.



FABULOSAS FÁBULAS EM TERRA DE NENHURES is a children's multidisciplinary show invented by Marta Bernardes and José Valente. Commissioned by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation the show combines video and music, through a live experience where audiences witness the creation of a movie, using toys and other kids objects, while the soundtrack is being performed. FABULOSAS FÁBULAS has recently toured throughout India, as a part of the Bookaroo Festival.


In the past years I was fortuned to collaborate with several artists from other disciplinary areas. It has been a pleasure to work with Afonso Cruz, Paulo Mendes, António Olaio, Pedro Bandeira, Pedro Adamastor, Israel Pimenta, Mafalda Deville, Chico Santos, Francisco Carvalho, Companhia Marionet, João Silvério, and many more.


Human Evolution

Live at IKFEM