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Undeniable quality and originality. A work of instrumental excellency that confirms the acute interpretative sense of José Valente


Serpente Infinita, from violist (electric and eclectic) José Valente: amazing vanguard work, that revivals Ana Hatherly, the great Portuguese modernist, poet, calligrapher and visual artist.

Nuno Rogeiro, revista Sábado

(…) José Valente either resolutely enters into the realm of contemporary music, in its more classical or sophisticated substance (yes, there are occasions that we think of Paganinni and Shostakovich, depending the performance or composition’s accent), either interiorizes characteristics from other musical styles. (…) The musician from Porto is back, with a work that only doesn’t surprise you, because one could guess, already in “Os Pássaros estão estragados”, that this would be his destination. 

Rui Eduardo Paes, 

The musician from Porto offers us a dense work full of restlessness. (...) Valente's approach sometimes delicate, other times dramatically rough, reconciles the accuracy of classical music, the challenge of improvisation and the paramount energy of rock with the spoken word of Marta Bernardes, being the key to an intimate exploration between words and music. (...)

António Branco, Diário do Alentejo.

(…) ‘Serpente Infinita’, or as we could call of “the air that we breathe everyday”, after listening. (…) Here resound the sonorities of what one call consider free jazz, pure improvisation made with a lot of the wisdom that José Valente transmits throughout ‘Serpente Infinita’, (…) This is what makes this record something of essential listening although it was released late 2018. (…) Music as a way of expression of our everyday, music that is classical and becomes contemporary, that’s something that José Valente does the best way, while trying to reach to the people with a message that music that is considered classical can reinvent itself, occupying its space in the nowadays issues, (…)

Duarte Fortuna, Threshold Magazine.