Trégua is an unprecedented album for Viola and Philharmonic Band. This project was awarded with the DGArtes funding for new creations and with the GDA’s funding for phonographic edition. And it is supported by: Orquestra Filarmónica Gafanhense, 23 Milhas, Antena 2, magazine and Comunidade Cultura e Arte.

Using the perception of comedy, party and other expressive forms of joy that, sometimes, occur when least expected, José Valente is searching for possibilities of resistance against the boredom of the common daily life, through the unpredictable impressions that are inherently felt when having fun. The first inspiration for this creative journey was Primo Levi's novel "Trégua" (truce) that narrates the misadventures of the author during his travel from the Auschwitz concentration camp, to Russian refugee camps and, finally, to his family in Italy.

Besides this metaphorical concept, the second motivation for José Valente was the opportunity to compose an unique, never established connection between his instrument, the viola (a traditionally classical orchestral instrument) with a philharmonic band - one of the oldest and more known instrumentations of the musical Portuguese tradition. With this fusion, the awarded musician wanted to incite a new relationship between two musical universes that haven't until this date, been ever together. Through this encounter, associated with Valente's eclectic aesthetic, a new platform for dialogue and creativity was inaugurated.

Trégua will be recorded during a residency at Cais Criativo - 23 Milhas in Ílhavo with the philharmonic band Orquestra Filarmónica Gafanhense, conducted by the great, prestigious saxophonist Henrique Portovedo.

During this residency, awarded and acclaimed photographer Nélson D'Aires will register the process, for the future image of the album as well as for an exhibit.

Also during the residency, Pedro Zimman will be filming this creative endeavor for a future documentary.

Another witness of the process will be acclaimed author and music reviewer Rui Eduardo Paes, who will write about the project.

Trégua will be premiered live in November 2021.


José Valente: Composition, Viola, electronics, musical direction.

Henrique Portovedo: Conductor.

Orquestra Filarmónica Gafanhense: Philharmonic band.

23 Milhas: Executive Production.

Black Dress: Production.

José Lourenço: Recording, mixing, mastering.

Manuel Maio: Musical support, production.

Nélson D'Aires: Photography.

Pedro Zimman: Documentary film.

Rui Eduardo Paes: Texts.

This is Ground Control: Press Office.

Associação Interferência: Treasury.

Institutional Support: Direcção Geral das Artes, Fundação GDA, 23 Milhas, Orquestra Filarmónica Gafanhense.

Media Support: Antena 2,, Comunidade Cultura e Arte.

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